LTC: Episode 54 – Rob Liefeld


This week we welcome the creator of Deadpool, Cable, Youngblood, Brigade and so much more, Rob Liefeld, to the Let’s Talk Comics podcast. Some consider him one of the most controversial creators in comics, but absolutely no-one can take away the contributions Rob has made to the industry, or what he’s been able to accomplish. Getting started in comics at the young age of 18, Rob’s rise in comics came at the perfect time for him. Learning the ropes from his fellow, to-be Image founding partners, Rob made many decisions that helped him get to where he is now. This is only part one of our chat and we just got to the rise and fall of the Image founders so you can only imagine what is left. Want to know what life was like as a young creator in the early 90s? Find out here! So what are you waiting for, download this episode of the Let’s Talk Comics comic book podcast now!





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