LTC: Episode 30 – Mark Millar 5

Lets Talk Comics Mark Millar
This week we welcome comic book legend and visionary Mark Millar to the Let’s Talk Comics podcast. A born and bred native of Scotland, Mark’s rise to comic superstardom took quite a bit of elbow grease. If it weren’t for Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, we might not have the Mark we all know and love. He’s tackled every major comic milestone a creator could ever wish for. He’s led a company wide event (like Marvel Comic’s Civil War), laid the groundwork for Marvel’s The Avengers with The Ultimates and kickstarted his own universe (Millarworld) with Kick-Ass. Not only has he dominated the comic world, but he’s also had his creator owned comics hit the big screen. If there was ever an episode to listen to, it’s this one.







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