Monthly Archives: November 2014

LTC: Episode 54 – Rob Liefeld

This week we welcome the creator of Deadpool, Cable, Youngblood, Brigade and so much more, Rob Liefeld, to the Let’s Talk Comics podcast. Some consider him one of the most controversial creators in comics, but absolutely no-one can take away the contributions Rob has made to the industry, or what he’s been able to accomplish. […]

LTC: Episode 53 – Mike Mignola

This week we welcome legendary creator, the iconic artist┬ábehind Rocket Raccoon and the heart & soul behind Hellboy, Mike Mignola, to the Let’s Talk Comics podcast. We’re kicking off season two of the podcast in style! Mike has seen it all when it comes to working in this business and knows his way around it. […]

LTC: Episode 52 – Arune Singh

  This week we welcome Executive Director of Television Communications at Marvel Entertainment, Arune Singh, to the Let’s Talk Comics podcast. Arune is one of my best friends, and played a large role in getting me into the business. What makes Arune so interesting is the fact that he got his start in comics (and […]

LTC: Episode 51 – Robert Venditti

  This week we welcome fan favorite writer, Robert Venditti, to the Let’s Talk Comics podcast. Rob is a fan who got his start in comics late. After being badgered by a friend of his at the bookstore he worked at, Rob’s first experience with comics was with Kurt Busiek’s, Astro City (not a bad […]