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LTC: Episode 46 – Donny Cates

  This week we welcome a red hot newcomer Donny Cates to the Let’s Talk Comics podcast. Donny got his start in comics after deciding that art school would be his destiny. After realizing he was way in over his head trying to be an artist, Donny then decided that being a writer was best […]

LTC: Episode 45 – Scott Allie 1

  This week we welcome Industry veteran and Editor-In-Chief of Dark Horse Comics, Scott Allie to the Let’s Talk Comics podcast. As the herald of titles like “Umbrella Academy,” “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” “Hellboy,” and so many more, Scott is one of the most fascinating people in this business. Hearing how he got his start […]

LTC: Episode 44 – Scott Snyder

  This week we welcome blockbuster writer of titles like “Batman,” “American Vampire,” and the upcoming Image Comics title, “Wytches” to the Let’s Talk Comics podcast. Now, I haven’t done the full research on this, but Scott might be one of the only writers to constantly have a title sit atop the comic sales charts […]

Let's Talk Comics Scott Snyder

Lets Talk Comics Kris Anka

LTC: Episode 43 – Kris Anka

  This week we welcome red hot rising star artist Kris Anka to the Let’s Talk Comics podcast. If there was anyone i’d ever want to redesign characters in any medium, comics, video games, movies, etc – it would be this guy. Kris never thought he’d end up drawing comic books for a living but […]

LTC: Episode 42 – Gerry Duggan

  This week we the absolutely hysterical Gerry Duggan to the Let’s Talk Comics comic book podcast. You might know Gerry from his Eisner Nominated work on Infinite Horizon (with Phil Noto) or his soon to be historic run on Deadpool. Or, if you were a G4 fan, you might know his work from a […]

Lets Talk Comics Gerry Duggan