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LTC: Episode 028 – Rob Guillory

This week we welcome superstar artist Rob Guillory to the show. Rob is the Eisner Award-winning artist behind the Image Comics smash hit comic book series, Chew. The Louisiana native is a font of knowledge when it comes to working in this business. Hidden somewhere behind his quick wit and under his newsboy cap, Rob […]

Lets Talk Comics Rob Guillory

Let's Talk Comics Jason Howard

LTC: Episode 027 – Jason Howard 1

This week we welcome superstar artist Jason Howard to the show. Breaking into comics and staying in a lot of the times has to do with talent first and foremost, but also finding a collaborator that enhances said talent. Jason Howard is a jack of all trades when it comes to creating comics and during […]

LTC: Episode 026 – Nick Pitarra 2

This week we welcome red hot artist Nick Pitarra to the show. The New York Times Best Selling artist of “The Manhattan Projects” got his first big break in comics via the Comic Book Resources “Comic Book Idol” contest that his now collaborator (Jonathan Hickman) was a judge for. Nick’s love for comics is stemmed […]

Lets Talk Comics Nick Pitarra

mike deodato original sin

LTC: Episode 025 – Mike Deodato 2

This week we welcome comic industry veteran artist Mike Deodato to the show. Mike Deodato has drawn just about every single Marvel Comics character in the entire universe, as well as a large portion of the DC Universe. A Brazilian native who broke into the business in the 1990’s, took every job available only to […]