Monthly Archives: December 2013

LTC: Episode 007 – Nathan Edmondson 6

Nathan Edmondson is going to be a creator to watch in 2014. He’s quietly building one of the most impressive portfolios for someone who is still relatively new in the industry. In this episode, we cover everything from ‘Olympus’ to ‘Who Is Jake Ellis’ to ‘Grifter’ and we get the inside track on his two […]

LTC: Episode 006 – Brian Michael Bendis 4

One his goals was to be associated with a title, and well after 200+ issues of Avengers, he’s made his mark on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for fans to pick up in years to come. In this week’s episode, I talk to Brian Michael Bendis – a bona fide journeyman when it comes to working in […]

LTC: Episode 003 – Ryan Stegman

  This week, we talk to red-hot artist Ryan Stegman. Here’s a little secret – this week’s episode is actually the first episode I ever recorded with anyone. When I first had the idea on doing this podcast, I needed to see who I could con into letting me do a test run at this […]