LTC: Episode 36 – Brian Michael Bendis

This week we welcome back Comic’s Juggernaut, Brian Michael Bendis for a second chat. We pick up right where we left off diving right into Daredevil and going through the rest of his Marvel career. Not only that, Brian has a TON of other things going on like Powers coming to the Sony Playstation, a […]

Lets Talk Comics Brian Michael Bendis

Let's Talk Comics Box Brown

LTC: Episode 35 – Box Brown

This week we welcome writer AND artist, Box Brown to the show. I first found Box because of the fantastic graphic novel he created called “Andre The Giant: Life And Legend” which chronicles the life of, you guessed it – Andre The Giant. After reading the graphic novel two times over, I was hungry for […]

LTC: Episode 34 – Ron Richards 3

This week we welcome Image Comic’s Director Of Business Development, Ron Richards to the podcast! Ron is a lifelong comics fan who at no point in his life ever dreamed about working in comics. Instead, he wanted to get to know the folks behind the business and find a community to share his love of […]

Let's Talk Comics Ron Richards

Let's Talk Comics Justin Aclin

LTC: Episode 33 – Justin Aclin

This week we welcome rising star writer Justin Aclin to the podcast! Justin road to becoming a comic book writer began way back when his father was an artist for Marvel Comics. Even back then Justin was introduced to the wonderful world of the Marvel Universe and it’s only fueled his passion for the business. […]

LTC: Episode 32 – Mike Perkins

This week we welcome venerable veteran artist Mike Perkins to the show. Mike has seen and done it all when it comes to working in this business. Getting his start over at 2000AD in the UK, Mike has a fantastic story on how he broke into the industry and even better stories about how he’s […]

Let's Talk Comics Mike Perkins

Let's Talk Comics Ramon Villalobos

LTC: Episode 31 – Ramon Villalobos 1

This week we welcome comic book newcomer and an artist on the rise, Ramon Villalobos. Ramon’s story on how he broke into the world of comic books is possibly the most modern of any conversation we’ve had on the show thus far. Utilizing tools like DeviantArt, Tumblr and the full force of the internet, Ramon […]

LTC: Episode 30 – Mark Millar 2

This week we welcome comic book legend and visionary Mark Millar to the Let’s Talk Comics podcast. A born and bred native of Scotland, Mark’s rise to comic superstardom took quite a bit of elbow grease. If it weren’t for Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, we might not have the Mark we all know and […]

Lets Talk Comics Mark Millar

Lets Talk Comics Alison Sampson

LTC: Episode 029 – Alison Sampson 1

This week we welcome rising star artist Alison Sampson to the show. Alison has a great story when it comes to breaking in because she is also a full time architect. With her work being seen all over the UK, Alison decided to try her craft by making comics. Using this very show as help, […]

LTC: Episode 028 – Rob Guillory

This week we welcome superstar artist Rob Guillory to the show. Rob is the Eisner Award-winning artist behind the Image Comics smash hit comic book series, Chew. The Louisiana native is a font of knowledge when it comes to working in this business. Hidden somewhere behind his quick wit and under his newsboy cap, Rob […]

Lets Talk Comics Rob Guillory

Let's Talk Comics Jason Howard

LTC: Episode 027 – Jason Howard 1

This week we welcome superstar artist Jason Howard to the show. Breaking into comics and staying in a lot of the times has to do with talent first and foremost, but also finding a collaborator that enhances said talent. Jason Howard is a jack of all trades when it comes to creating comics and during […]