LTC: Episode 44 – Scott Snyder

  This week we welcome blockbuster writer of titles like “Batman,” “American Vampire,” and the upcoming Image Comics title, “Wytches” to the Let’s Talk Comics podcast. Now, I haven’t done the full research on this, but Scott might be one of the only writers to constantly have a title sit atop the comic sales charts […]

Let's Talk Comics Scott Snyder

Lets Talk Comics Kris Anka

LTC: Episode 43 – Kris Anka

  This week we welcome red hot rising star artist Kris Anka to the Let’s Talk Comics podcast. If there was anyone i’d ever want to redesign characters in any medium, comics, video games, movies, etc – it would be this guy. Kris never thought he’d end up drawing comic books for a living but […]

LTC: Episode 42 – Gerry Duggan

  This week we the absolutely hysterical Gerry Duggan to the Let’s Talk Comics comic book podcast. You might know Gerry from his Eisner Nominated work on Infinite Horizon (with Phil Noto) or his soon to be historic run on Deadpool. Or, if you were a G4 fan, you might know his work from a […]

Lets Talk Comics Gerry Duggan

Lets Talk Comics Fiona Staples

LTC: Episode 41 – Fiona Staples

  This week we welcome Eisner Award Winning artist, Fiona Staples to the Let’s Talk Comics comic book podcast. You might know Fiona from her work on the mega popular Image Comics series, Saga (with writer Brian K. Vaughan). You might also know Fiona from her recent slew of variant covers for Marvel Comics as […]

LTC: Episode 40 – Gabriel Hardman

  This week we welcome superstar creator Gabriel Hardman to the Let’s Talk Comics comic book podcast. You might know Gabriel from his work on Hulk, Agent’s Of Atlas, Planet of the Apes, Kinski, and Austin Powers (wait what?). That’s right, Gabriel spent a large chunk of his current career as a story board artist […]

Lets Talk Comics Gabriel Hardman

Lets Talk Comics Ryan Browne

LTC: Episode 39 – Ryan Browne

This week we welcome red-hot creator, Ryan Browne. Ryan is the writer/artist of “God Hates Astronauts,” a new ongoing series coming from Image Comics. Ryan’s “breaking into comics” story is extremely unique in that he is one of the first people who I have spoken to that has used Kickstarter to an overwhelming success. He […]

LTC: Episode 38 – Bettie Breitweiser 1

This week we welcome superstar colorist Bettie Breitweiser to the show. We’re going with colorists back to back, but with this week’s episode we get into some nitty gritty color theory topics among others. Bettie in my opinion is one of the first of the “superstar” colorists of the modern age. Her unique style is […]

Let's Talk Comics Bettie Breitweiser

Lets Talk Comics Matt Wilson

LTC: Episode 37 – Matt Wilson

This week we welcome superstar colorist Matt Wilson to the show. Matt is one of the most standout colorists in the business and there is a good chance you’ve read a book that he worked on. Matt is also the FIRST colorist we’ve had on and he peels back the curtain on a part of […]

LTC: Episode 36 – Brian Michael Bendis 1

This week we welcome back Comic’s Juggernaut, Brian Michael Bendis for a second chat. We pick up right where we left off diving right into Daredevil and going through the rest of his Marvel career. Not only that, Brian has a TON of other things going on like Powers coming to the Sony Playstation, a […]

Lets Talk Comics Brian Michael Bendis

Let's Talk Comics Box Brown

LTC: Episode 35 – Box Brown 2

This week we welcome writer AND artist, Box Brown to the show. I first found Box because of the fantastic graphic novel he created called “Andre The Giant: Life And Legend” which chronicles the life of, you guessed it – Andre The Giant. After reading the graphic novel two times over, I was hungry for […]